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Dissociative Visions
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By the Hands of the Consuming Fire

by Axis of Light

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I 03:59
Institutionalized through unintelligible logic, revelling in the soil of our own mass grave.. Capital corrupting our optical, unquestioned loyalty to the soulless sin behind the curtain.. Sardonic slaves, marched across fifty one lands of tyranny, darkness delivered by the hands of the consuming fire.. Martial indoctrination through pessimistic proclamations, the patriot act of a new world preserving unchallenged totality...
II 04:17
War torn conscious preserved within the mountains of Zion, pale deceivers worshiping at the throne of war.. Frequency attuned to the bastard manifestation of the Yahweh Six colours of apathy hail murder from the west, subliminal bloodlust spreading affliction from one casket to the next, disciplined innocence strife with lies and deceit...
III 04:20
Redwood dominions commenced through the cremation of care, arcane apparitions and nocturnal shrines, secured beneath the masonic seal.. Effigies in black fuelling the furnace of Moloch Fires of occultic radiance, banishing the dull cares of man, Luciferian conspiracies haunting the forest moon.. The temple of the night owl, illuminated in lunar blasphemy...
IV 03:05
Timeless sagas of the sun, scripted to serve modernman, an insatiable greed for terrestrial manipulation.. Where the records of a lost age are scorned through profane initiation.. Ritual enlightenment overshadowing numerical gain, Light from the 12th planet prophecies, oaths sworn to the star gods, lucid illustrations within the caverns of the earth.. Archaic tablets illuminated on the mountain in the east.. Stellar literature, void of agenda, the faith as is written in the stars, Profound supremacy through celestial origin...


Written and recorded summer 2011.

Origin - Compositions of chaos
Axiom - Vocal propaganda

Released 1st February 2012 on Mordgrimm records.

First Press - 100 White tapes (Sold out)
Second Press - 100 Red tapes (Sold out)

All bandcamp donations for this release will be donated to English Animal/Environmental causes.


released September 30, 2011

Origin - Compositions of Chaos
Axiom - Vocal Propaganda


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